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Festival Coach Hire

Redbridge Festival Coach Hire
Redbridge is famous for its green leafy environment as most of it is covered in forests and gardens. No wonder the best parks in Britain are drawn from this place and the town also makes news for its great educational system; especially at the high school level. 
Redbridge minibus hire is here to introduce you to some of the best festivals that happen at Redbridge. From fun night club performances for adults to a full day kids’ festival for your entire family, this town has it all.
Things to Do in Redbridge 
If you are looking for festivals to attend, then red bridge has a couple that will make your visit worthwhile. And how about if you show up at these events in style? Say in a Mercedes 16 seater or an 8 seater top class Ford Transit.  
Fabula Festival 
It happens every year and is a festival meant for the book lovers. The festival is even divided into sections for adults, teenagers and kids below teenage age. It is the perfect festival to attend with family as you enjoy 2 full days of celebration courtesy of Redbridge Central Library. There are workshops to learn about new book releases, cultivate your reading culture or have an up close and candid with a famous author.  
The Jazz Orchestra of Redbridge 

It’s not one but many performances that happen in different venues across town. Any tourist who has attended one of the jazz concerts will attest to you how uplifting the performances are. The synchrony of tunes is bliss and the stage gets electrified with performances from both local and international talents.  
Events in Redbridge  
1. The Woodwind Festival, Woodford County High School, Redbridge Borough (9th Mar 2016) 
2. Redbridge School’s Choral Festival, Royal Albert Hall, Redbridge Borough (15th Mar 2016) 
3. Jazz Orchestra Concert, Royal Albert Hall, Redbridge Borough (27th May 2016) 
4. RMS Leavers Concert, John Savage Centre & Hall, Redbridge Borough (5th July 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Whether it’s one or several Volvos you need hired, we make the process easier by carrying out your order online. As an established minibus hire in Redbridge Company, we know all the concerts happening annually and are constantly updated on the new ones. So, if you want to be in the best concerts in town and have a front row seat to the action, you can count on our festival coach hire packages.