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Redbridge Minibus Hire  

Redbridge is a borough in London known to house some of the most attractive public parks in England. It also has one of the best transport links into and out of the city to other major towns around. We as Redbridge minibus hire capitalise on this reliable transport network to provide convenient minibus hire services to our clients.  
We want to show you the best of this Borough and all the attractions it houses. We will send a Mercedes 16 Seater or an 8 Seater at the airport or the hotel where you booked. We make it easy for you to move around as a family or gang of friends, with your entire luggage safe with you. That’s not all; we assign you friendly minibus hire in Redbridge driver to show you the best attractions. 
Things to Do in Redbridge 
Whether it’s hanging out in some lavish home estate or trying your hand at sailing, Redbridge has it all with friendly locals ready to interact with you. If your number is larger than 16 people, we will hire out several Volvos so you can enjoy all the attractions together. 
The Valentines Mansion and Gardens 
The mansions were constructed in 1696 to be a residential place for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Widow. When the medieval era ended, the mansion was acquired by the Redbridge Council and was renovated to what it is today. If you want to know how the Archbishop and their families received special treatment, go visit the Valentine’s Mansion and the gardens surrounding it.  
The Wanstead Flats 
This is one of the open spaces in Redbridge available for holding picnics or getting together for some team building activities. While enjoying the grounds, you will get to learn about all the controversies surrounding the open space. Not so long ago it made national headlines when a mysterious sickness wiped out a large population of ducks in the area; only to be discovered it was human instigated. The Redbridge Metropolis Police also tried securing the land as an Olympics grounds but were met with heavy criticism and opposition. As the drama continues, the park remains available to relax, read a book, have a picnic or play ball games with friends. 
The Fairlop Waters  
You will drive out a few distances from Redbridge Borough to access the Fairlop Waters. This is a sailor’s club where you can try your hand at sailing a boat, and see if you match up to Black Beard or Captain Hook. There are plenty of water vessels to sail on like speed boats, canoes or dinghies. The attendants at the docks like new guests and they won’t mind giving you a quick tutorial on how it’s done. 
2016 Events in Redbridge  
I. Valentines Hatters Fair, Valentines Mansion and Gardens, Redbridge Borough (5th June 2016) 
II. Strider Bike Sessions (Family Fun Day), Redbridge Cycling Centre, Redbridge Borough (1st March 2016) 
III. Stories, Rhymes and Songs, Clayhall Library, Redbridge Borough (1st March 2016) 
IV. Sikhs in the City (Open Fitness Day for all), City Centre opposite Clayhall Fish Bar, Redbridge Borough (1st April 2016) 
V. Games Club, Redbridge Central Library, Redbridge Borough (1st April 2016) 
VI. Hotstepperz Dance Class, Jack Carter Centre, Redbridge Borough (1st April 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We are the right people to consult about all your minibus hire in Redbridge needs. Be assured that we will get you the minibus hire in Redbridge wherever you want on time and make sure you don’t miss appointments or evening shows. Visit our Redbridge minibus rental website to order your first coach rental.