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Stag do/Hen do coach hire

Redbridge – stag do / hen do coach hire 

Our hen do coach hire offers you quality service at an affordable price. When you need to get to restaurants or leisure centres around the city, we can help. Our drivers are always available for any trip you wish to make around Redbridge. We are known for our quality customer service and always go the extra mile for you. 
People who are transitioning from the single life into marriage often want to make their final day as a single in a significant way. The form that this activity may take varies depending on the personality of the prospective bride or groom. Some people would like to spend the day at a spa while others would rather learn line dancing or go rock climbing. Whatever you choose, we make it easy to enjoy it with friends and family. 
Excellent Customer Support 
Planning a hen do can be quite stressful. If you are the maid of honour, there is so much for you to do in relation to the wedding. Booking a restaurant, calling up friends and handling other aspects of a party does take time. Our minibus hire in Redbridge handles a large number of parties every month. We can organise every aspect of travel so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. 
Call us at any time to check the details of your trip or make any changes you deem necessary. If you wish for help with other aspects of your event, we can assist. For example, if you would like your guests to go shopping, we can take you to popular stores where you can find gifts for the occasion.  
If you decide on a specific pick up time, our drivers will be there early. Our Redbridge minibus hire will also make sure that you reach your chosen venue at least 20 minutes early. This gives you time to make any last minute changes to the decorations or any other aspect of the party that you want to.  
Celebrate In Redbridge  
Redbridge has several taverns which would make a great setting for an intimate gathering with friends. There are also larger rooms available at hotels and restaurants, if you wish to accommodate more people. Many traditional taverns offer a relaxing atmosphere with great seasonal food prepared in kitchens which have stood for a long time. They include: 
The Birkbeck Tavern 
Woodhouse Tavern 
Forest Tavern 
Railway Tavern 
Several established taverns regularly host live bands. If you are looking for a community pub atmosphere, you can’t go wrong by planning your stag do or hen do for venues such as these. Larger hotels and restaurants can accommodate other activities which your group may want to participate in, such as dancing. They include: 
Premier Inn 
Plum and Spilt Milk 
The Gilbert Scott 
The Westbridge Hotel 
Corner Room 
Addendum Restaurant and Bar 
The Boundary Project 
If your guests love being out on the water, our stag do coach hire can take you to Fairlop Waters, where you can spend the day sailing. If you’ve never sailed before but would like to try it, the location is perfect for learning in powerboats, dinghies and a range of other watercraft. You can also go windsurfing there. 
People who enjoy cycling may be interested in the Redbridge Cycling Centre. This often hosts competitions and is a great place to see skateboarding as well. The facilities are world class, having been improved to Olympic standards. You can enjoy both off-road and road tracks. If you have members of your group who prefer to relax, there’s a lot to see because the location offers a fantastic view. Book your trip online today.